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Michael Chesser Founder and Director of AppSpace Technology

In his two decades of a long career, Michael has played important roles in many areas of the software business assuming responsibilities as Design Architect, Project Manager and Head of Business Development.

Michael has been into Software Development and Mobile App Development for the government sector and private sector for the last 11 years and overlooked delivery of 8000+ Software and 300+ Mobile Application Projects worldwide. He has defined successful business models for the clients that worked flawlessly for them.

Keeping ahead with the times, He started AppSpace Technology way back in 2009 and has the purpose to build a team of experienced developers who work in tandem on critical government projects, domestic as well as international clients. AppSpace Technology caters to mobile app development, web designing, web development, blockchain, AI, ML, and various other cutting-edge technology-driven requirements for clients worldwide. His sheer passion has led AppSpace Technology to instill a global footprint, with offices in the USA, United Kingdom, and South Africa.


Our team strives to understand customers’ requirements, pilot their visions and architect their dreams.

Michael Chesser - Managing Director of Maxtra

Kripa Sagar Tripathi Director of AppSpace Technology

He is prepared to get things going and he isn't simply prepared however he really gets things going. A hard deals ace by calling yet wears various tops relying on the organizations needs. Being a diligent employee, and capacity to invigorate and help the groups working with him, and an individual who has confidence inconsistent learning prompts various elements of business by accepting individual dangers and settling on the choice that has brought about enormous great business.

Kripa insists on getting things done within the shortest possible time frame and opines that everything is possible if we put our heart and soul into it. He has spent the last 7 years helping startups, small & medium business owners find better ways to grow their business revenue.


We don't restrict our administrations to simply Mobile Apps Development, and Testing, yet effectively work for you as a Mobile Strategy Consultant directly from the Product conceptualisation and prototyping stage.

Kripa Sagar Tripathi - AppSpace Director
AppSpace begninnig logo

Blossomed on September 3rd 2009

2009: Register as a company and start working on web solutions.


Team Strength 15

Start with 2 employees we were now a team of 15 employees.

move to new office image

Move To New Office Space

We now move into the new 2000 Square feet office.

AppSpace introduce new technologies

Introduce New Technology on The Floor

Introduce new technologies of development to our services list

AppSpace completed 2000 plus projects

Completed 2000+ Projects

Now we have completed 2000+ projects and we have a list of 1500 Happy customers

Team stregnth 30 plus in maxtra

Team Strength 30 Employee

Team strength 30 employees and we move to new office space 6000 Square feet

introduce new technologies

Add new technologies in our services

We start work on a mobility solution and Introduce new technologies of development to our services list

50 plus app developed by maxtra

50+ Mobile App Developed

Complete 4000+ web application and 50+ Mobile App and we have a 45 happy client of mobile app.

AppSpace team size 80 plus

Team Strength 80+

Now we have a team of 80+ employee and we successfully completed 7000 Web projects and 100+ Mobile App and Now we have 4000+ happy customers.

AppSpace Rebuid

Team strength 100+

Now we have a team of 100+ employees and we have a list of 5000+ happy customer clients.

AppSpace Rebuid

Top App Development Company

Listed as Top App Development Company in South Africa and New York.

AppSpace Rebuid

Top Blockchain Development Company

Listed Top Blockchain Development Company in South Africa and New Yourk.
Open new Offices in South Africa and New York.

AppSpace Rebuid

Latest Technologies

Lets Connect With Worlds Latest Technologies Together.

You can't constrain an organization culture into being simply by discussing it. Strong organization culture should be worked after some time from strong establishments.


AppSpace - vision & mission
AppSpace - Goals
Treat everyone fairly, but not equally
provide tools and resources
celebrate success
AppSpace Team


AppSpace client's
AppSpace client's
AppSpace client's
AppSpace client's
AppSpace client's
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