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Entertainment App Development


Media & Entertainment is always filled with too much buzz floating all over the internet. We help companies like yours to channelize that buzz instantly and effectively to your targeted audience. With our web and app development services for the entertainment industry, we help companies to transform their media channels into a more diverse and effective platform to stay ahead of their competitors.

AppSpace Technology has partnered with some of the leading Entertainment companies and has delivered them platforms that certainty turns out to be a winner for our clients. Moreover, we specialize in building both entertainment mobile apps and websites as per your requirements.


Media & Entertainment can be taken as the most challenging industry to work for as you need to deliver something unique and excited in order to stay connected audience. For the users to keep visiting your platform, you need to provide them a more convenient and easily accessible way of catching up with the latest buzz.

With the help of the latest technology and trends, we deliver a website, or that makes it easier for your users to access more information with fewer clicks. Besides, we also incorporate features like push notifications and more to ensure that the user stays connected with your platform.

Exploring uncharted territories with the power of digital

Drive competitive advantage with digitally powered CX

Photon leverages digital technologies to execute powerful engagement strategies that enable seamless and ultra-convenient experiences for digital-savvy travelers and guests throughout the journey.


It takes hard work and smart thinking to build something that both your customers and their users love. Fortunately, we are blessed with a tea of developers who know how to quickly understand the client’s business and deliver a revenue-generating media platform to them.

Each and every person of our team believes that it is much more important to build a relationship with the customer that goes beyond business to assist them in achieving their goal. This approach makes us the leading entertainment app development company.

Our Entertainment App Development
Specialization Includes:

  • Edit Photos
  • Stunning Design
  • Themes
  • Attractive Photo Gallery
  • Advanced CMS To Publish Content
  • Push Notifications
  • Social Media Sharing
  • User can listen to music
  • User can watch movies
  • View list of artists
  • Easy To Update Add/Del Content
  • Audio/Video
  • App Administration & Maintenance
  • News, Blogs, Posts, Reviews
  • Simple To Publish Audio/Video Advertisement
  • Easy sign-in / signup for user
  • View & choose a subscription plan
  • Pay for the subscription plan
  • Watch the video with category
  • Kids section with all category